Toy Story Movie Review

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Toy Story Movie Review
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Directed by: John Lasseter

Written by: John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Joel Cohen, Alec Sokolow and Joss Whedon.

Released: 1995

Budget: $30 million

Box Office: $361 million

Awards: Nominated for two Academy Awards and winner of 8 Annie awards including Best Animated Feature, Best Individual Achievements for Directing, Animation, Music and Producing.

Voted in at number 99 on empires top 100 movies of all time, Toy Story is next on the list. A movie that, for most of us, should stand out as one of the great animated movies of them all. The development of this movie was actually pretty interesting. The movie’s director John Lasseter while working at Disney had the idea of using computers to make a feature length movie after seeing a snippet of Tron but Disney didn’t like the idea as it had never been done before and subsequently fired Lasseter. During this time, Lasseter had made contacts in Lucas Film’s computer graphics group. These contacts along with Lasseter would go

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on to found Pixar and Toy story would be their first movie and also the first animated movie to be done completely using computer animation.


Tom Hanks Toy Story Movie Review Tom Hanks stars as Woody. As Andy’s favourite Toy, he is the sheriff of Andy’s bedroom and looks out for all of Andy’s other toys. Is position as head toy is threatened by the arrival of a certain Space Ranger.
Tim Allen Toy Story Movie Review Tim Allen stars as Buzz Lightyear, a member of the Space Ranger Corps that crash lands in Andy’s bedroom. All the other toys quickly start looking to Buzz for advice and guidance much to the dismay of Woody but all Buzz wants to do is fix his ship and get back home.
Wallace Shawn Toy Story Movie Review Wallace Shawn stars as Rex the Dinosaur. A dinosaur lacking in confidence who is struggling to try to find his inner roar.
Jim Varney Toy Story Movie Review Jim Varney stars as Slinky. A loyal follower of Woody and loyal companion.

The basic plot

A cowboy toy feels threatened when his owner gets a new modern space ranger action figure for his birthday. Woody will do anything to keep his place as Andy’s favourite toy and isn’t afraid on letting Buzz know it. When circumstances force them to work together they must put aside their differences to get back to the one person who really matters, Andy.

Toy Story Movie Review

It was a pleasure watching this movie again as I haven’t seen Toy Story in years. Considering it was made nearly 20 years ago it really stands up to animated movies nowadays. Pixar really hit the nail on the head with this movie and they have gone from strength to strength with over 14 feature length animated movies and have many more in the pipeline.

We have all seen many animated movies previous to Toy Story such as Aladdin, The Lion King and countless Disney movies but Toy Story was the first in a new league of animated movies. One of the things that stood out while I was reading about the development of Toy Story was that Lasseter was bored of Disney’s stale approach to making animated movies which was the main factor that led him to found Pixar. Using computer animation Lasseter managed to capture facial features and movement that wasn’t possible before. Even though the majority of characters in this movie are toys, the features that I mentioned above almost give them human qualities.

The storyline in Toy Story is probably more complex that you originally gave it credit for. Think about it, there some parallels we can draw with our own lives. Woody was without question Andy’s favourite toy out of all the rest, another way of saying it was that he was the

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most popular or best in the group. If you are the best in your group at something or were the popular one in school, how would you cope with a person coming in and encroaching on your patch. Needless to say, you would not be too pleased. Would you start scheming for a way to get rid of him and solidify your place at the top or work with him/her for the benefit of the group?

There are plenty of laughs in this movie for kids, teenagers and adults alike. If you haven’t seen it since it was released then certainly give it another watch, I won’t insult you by asking if you haven’t seen it.

At the end of the day, I know that I would have slept a lot better as a kid if I knew Optimus Prime, Matt Trakker and the Millenium Falcon were looking out for me…

Keep your eyes peeled for

Lane Smith in Network A113 is a really cool little addition to(if the internet can believed) all Pixar movies. It is the name of a classroom in that was used by character animation students at Caltech. Many of its alumni went on to work for Pixar including Lasseter himself.
Lane Smith in Network, The carpet in Sid’s house should ring a few bells with fans of The Shining. It is the same as the carpet in the Overlook Hotel. Would you rather be a toy in Sid’s house or a guest in The Overlook Hotel…..
Lane Smith in Network Knick Knack was the last short film that Pixar did before Toy Story and was released in 1989. It was their first short film to be shot in 3D.
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it. Fans of Home Improvement might remember this as the maker of all the tools that Tim Allen used on his show.

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