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His eyes are most frequently an ominous red

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Secretly Dying: Mercenary leader “Cat” Shannon has been diagnosed with cancer, which motivates his betrayal of his employers as a final act of virtue. Steel Eardrums: Averted. The gun and mortar fire deafens Dupree

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What’s amazing is how much history there is

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A variation also occurs. Hellmaster Phibrizzo wants to destroy the entire world and plunge everything into oblivion, and plans to do this by forcing Lina to cast the Giga Slave, which can (as stated

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The Dog Bites Back: Darwin kicks Rob into a manhole to avoid

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Ambiguous Ending: Due to there being only one season. In the final scene of the last episode, “The Last Day”, Alex goes to bed, turning the light off. The screen is black, and then

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