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Dropped a Bridge on Him: Rosalind from the first game The

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Four Is Death: Four is one of the arc numbers Boone wears multiple t shirts in the first season containing fours or sets of four, and is the first regular character to die. In

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The catches? They cost to build

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Everything’s Better with Rainbows: Except it’s not. It just makes the Undertaker creepier. Face Framed in Shadow: The Undertaker can pull this off in broad daylight! The Fundamentalist: “Let he who is without sin

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Both of these wishes are answered when the media declared her

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Apparently, the guy misplaces his glasses. In his POCKET. All the time. Sympathy for the Hero: Mxy, of all people, reacts this way in “Yesterday’s Man of Tomorrow” when he sees how miserable everyone

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