100 – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Movie Review

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100 – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Movie Review

Directed by: Steven Spielberg

Written by: Jeffrey Boam, George Lucas, Menno Meyjes

Released: 1989

Budget: $48 million

Box Office: $474 million

Awards: Academy Award for Best Sound Editing(Ben Burtt & Richard Hymns), nominated for Best Sound (Ben Burtt, Gary Summers, Shawn Murphy & Tony Dawe) and Best Music(John Williams).

Voted in at number 100 by the readers of Empire Magazine and let’s face it, a great movie to start off

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the Top 100 Challenge. It goes without saying that I, like all of you with any taste in movies, have seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade at least 5 times. The 3rd in the franchise and for me it’s the most memorable for many reasons, chief among them was the introduction of Sean Connery as Henry Jones Senior (aka Indiana’s dad). Ask yourself this, out of all the trilogies you have seen, when has the final one topped the other two in terms of box office figures and arguably is the best of the lot. After watching certain movies, you always say “wouldn’t it be cool to be a…”, it was never more appropriate than this one. Wouldn’t it be cool to be a whip wielding, Nazi ass kicking, fedora wearing archeologist??? YES!!! Yes it would most certainly be cool.


Harrison Ford Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Movie Review Harrison Ford stars as Henry “Indiana” Jones, Jr. Everyone’s favourite archaeologist is back for a third instalment. Over the course of the movies, he is forced to change his belief that archaeology is all about facts and reading old texts over mythology and famous legends.
Sean Connery Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Movie Review Sean Connery as Henry Jones Sr. Estranged from his son due to his long fixation with searching for the Holy Grail.
Denholm Elliott Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Movie Review Denholm Elliott as Dr. Marcus Brody. A museum curator who is a life long friend of Henry Jones Sr and also a second father figure to Indiana.
Alison Doody Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Movie Review Alison Doody as Dr. Elsa Schneider, an Austrian archaeologist who aids the Joneses in their quest for the grail but who does she really serve….
John Rhys-Davies Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Movie Review John Rhys-Davies as Sallah, a loyal friend to Indiana Jones having first appeared in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Always more than happy to help him get out of the sticky situations he always seems to get himself into.
Julian Glover Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Movie Review Julian Glover as Walter Donovan. As driven as the Henry Jones Senior to find the grail but has very different motives.

The basic plot

Set in 1938 (with a brief intro in 1912) we find our protagonist, Indiana Jones, forced to track down his estranged father(Connery) after receiving his prized journal. Their aim is to track down the Holy Grail(Jesus’ favourite drinking cup) before the pesky Nazis get their hands on it and use it for nefarious evil purposes. This race across the globe takes them from America, to Venice, to Berlin and Jordan.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Movie Review

There were so many things that I really love about this movie, even after watching it for the fifth or sixth time, chief among them is the chemistry between the two leading men, Harrison Ford and Sean Connery. It really is top notch and makes you wonder if Connery had been included in the previous two installments, how would they have turned out… Other reasons to love this movie are the good old fashioned good vs. evil story line and some

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plot twists to boot. Lastly, lets take a minute to remember all the chase scenes, I mean there were speedboats, zeplins, airplanes, horses, tanks, cars

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& motorbikes. Oh my.

Moving on from all that good stuff, as we know, the challenge with a movie series is how to keep them interesting and not make them come across as rehashes of the movies that came before. Like Raiders of the Lost Ark, this movie had Jones battling against Nazis who were searching for a biblical artifact, the Ark of the Covenant. Happily despite having similar story lines, it manages to stand out on its own. The addition of Connery certainly gave The Last Crusade an injection of new talent, this along with the familiar faces of Marcus Brody and Sallah(to tie in with the previous movies) mixed with a kick ass story really makes this a movie that everyone should enjoy. When The Last Crusade was released it was, as I said earlier, the 3rd in the series. What is unusual about the Indiana Jones movies it that while they are part of a franchise they can be easily followed as stand alone movies.

Keep those eyes peeled for…

River Phoenix Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Movie Review River Phoenix plays the young Indiana Jones

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